Tom Trinter - Bari and Alto Saxes

Having grown up in Las Vegas in a musical family, Tom's been surrounded by music his whole life. After going to his Dad's Wayne Newton rehearsals, Tom decided to play the saxophone, because those guys had "more toys surrounding them than all the other musicians." His first paying gig was with the Glenn Miller Revival Band at the age of 15 - the next youngest in the band was over 60! Tom played in all the typical bands in High School, peaking with the McDonald's All American High School Marching and Jazz bands. Though Tom did not study music in college, he has continued to be very musically active both through college and beyond. Since college, he's played in bands in Germany, Cincinnati, Amsterdam, Paris, Las Vegas, and now Delaware! A claim to fame (or brush with it) was when Tom sat in with Hans Dulfer - father of the popular saxophonist Candy Dulfer - at the Cafe Alto in Amsterdam.